Urban Monkeys

The office gym

We believe fitness is about gaining physical autonomy and enjoying the best possible proces of getting there. It's about building resilience which enables you to tackle most obstacles in life. 

We strive for creating a safe and effective training environment, backed by coaching proper technique on every movement.

We welcome people of all abilities and fitness levels. You only have to show up and we'll take care of the rest. You'll be joining classes where members are working hard to improve life through fitness.

We also believe fitness can be achieved anywhere. Thats why we offer our classes where there is abundance of space. Currently we are offering classes at Seats2meet Utrecht

We are Urban Monkeys. We effortlessly adapt to the dynamic circumstances of our environment. We are fit, love to move and have a positive outlook on life. Become an Urban Monkey, go banana's!

Contact us: 

Mail: info@urbanmonkeys.nl