Urban Monkeys

The office gym

Between commuting, work, family, the household and socialising there are a million obstacles that could keep you from exercising. Although all the benefits of exercise are well known to you, you just don’t do it. You lack the time, you don’t feel you fit in at the gym or you might think you look a fool in sport clothes. Urban Monkeys offers you a solution that is as simple as it is genius: Fitness at work.

Urban Monkeys: ready for all the obstacles you might encounter
At Urban Monkeys we offer no monkey business. Our highly trained, expert coaches infiltrate your workspace. They bring sandbags, kettlebells, expertise, medicine balls, jumping ropes, enthusiasm, dumbells and strong will to make you a fitter, more resilient person. Strengthening you physically and mentally and making sure you’re ready for all the obstacles that you might encounter in your daily life.

Fitness for anyone, anywhere
After a training with Urban Monkeys you leave the building a fitter, happier and more energised person than you came in. Whoever you are, whatever your level of fitness and whatever you look like.

Any space can be an Urban Monkey gym
At Urban Monkeys we make fitness functional for you. Sounds great right? And the best it yet to come: we offer all the above wherever there is an abundance of space and at convenient times. Whether it’s at the start of your workday, during your lunch break or after a long day of work. We can turn any space into our gym and you can join in on a training right at your workplace or community.

Go bananas
Urban monkeys are fully equipped for city life. They effortlessly adapt to the ever changing circumstances of their environment. They recognize the challenges that life brings, but don't shy away from them. Urban monkeys are fit, love to move and have a positive outlook on life. Become an Urban Monkey, go bananas!