Urban Monkeys

The office gym

Fitness is about being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want it. It’s about autonomy and getting the most out of life. At Urban Monkeys we offer multiple services to get you moving.

Group training
We are everywhere. You can find us at any place with space in abundance. Currently the 200㎡ Platform 1 conference room at Seats to Meet Utrecht Centraal is our most used playground, but we’re able to adapt to whatever space is available. You can find our workout schedule here.

If you want to go bananas at Seats to Meet you can sign up here. The workouts vary in form but all trainings last approximately an hour. Your first training with us is free. This way you can get a taste of what we do. Be careful, there is a severe risk of leaving as a fitter, happier and more resilient person.

Do you want us to adapt to your space in abundance? Contact us to learn more about the endless possibilities.

Personal training
Although we strongly believe training is better with buddies, we also understand that there are multiple reasons you might want (to start off with) personal training. Our highly skilled coaches are always willing to sit down with you. Together we specify your goals are and make a plan to achieve them. Be aware: after we’ve talked we may still advice you to put yourself out there. Let go of your ‘shoulds’ and ‘must’ and just go Bananas in an Urban Monkey workout. But of course we also offer personal training, whether it is about coming back into class from an injury or reaching other personal goals we are here to help. Contact us for more information.

Beyond bananas
Although they are delicious and nutritious, you can’t survive on bananas alone. But, what do you need to eat? With all the do’s and don’ts on nutrition going round it can be hard to get an understanding of what’s right for you. That’s why at Urban Monkeys we offer a tailored food coaching program. You won’t get a list of what and when to eat, nor will we make you exclude certain foods or stick to a tight plan. At Urban Monkeys we believe the key to healthy feeding is in variation, learning to regain trust in your body feeling for hunger and satisfaction and thus only eating when your hungry (and not emotional, bored or otherwise tempted to eat). In our food coaching program we evaluate your personal goals and needs. Through the sessions you will learn what your body needs and what different foods have to offer you. You will implement small daily changes that easily turn into new, healthy habits, bringing you closer to your goals and creating or maintaining a healthy relationship with food.